sep Some of the work here present was done before PRUDE started – in 1998 – and some is credited to other bureaus with whom Pedro has collaborated.
He began with Risco · Consultores, S.A. in 1994 followed by 3 years in Évora at Publinorma and Normacor. In late 1997 returned to Lisboa to art-direct and design a cultural weekly-guide magazine. As this project was never released Pedro then proceeded to start PRUDE and, with two architect friends, Prototypo.
From 2000 til 2003 collaborated with PROAP [landscape architecture], from 2002 til 2004 designed and advised for Instituto Piaget [higher education schools] and has had since the beggining a website design oriented partnership with Addition.
In 2004 PRUDE's work was presented at the Milan Triennalle within an exhibition that overviewed Portuguese design and architecture from 1990 til 2004.